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Meet Laura

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BSN, RN, Owner

Pure Fix Mobile IV Hydration aids to enhance a healthy lifestyle with safe and professional intravenous supplementation, injections, and sublingual sprays.

We believe that most modern day chronic dysfunction is preventable and sometimes reversible and that the human body is a self-healing and regenerating organism, capable of restoring harmony. However, in order for our bodies to do this in today’s modern world, they require higher levels of nutrients to repair tissue, restore energy, offset oxidative stress and free radicals, and regenerate our cells. When we are unhealthy, depleted of vital nutrients, and energy we experience symptoms such as fatigue, pain, accelerated aging, inflammation, weight gain, and increased stress levels. IV nutrition allows you to customize your treatments based on your personal needs and lifestyle, giving your body just the right combination of high-quality nutrients specifically for you. This provides your body with the nutrients it requires to regain its self-healing capacity, helping you prevent disease and slow down the aging process while achieving optimal health.